WPHCA Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to Community Health Centers? A new staff member of a Wisconsin Community Health Center? Just wondering what WPHCA is?

What is WPHCA?

WPHCA is the member association for the federally designated Community Health Centers in Wisconsin. WPHCA provides a wide range of activities and services to partners, including information and public education, government relations and legislative engagement and advocacy, and training and technical support in quality improvement and workforce enhancement.

What are federally designated Community Health Centers?

Federally designated Community Health Centers are Health Center Program grantees who receive grants as authorized under section 330 of the Public Service Act. They are sometimes also referred to as “federally funded health centers” or “HRSA-funded health centers.”

Does WPHCA provide health care services?

No, WPHCA does not provide health services. As a member organization, we serve Community Health Centers, which are organizations that provide health services. If you are looking for care, please visit our website and search for a Community Health Center near you.

I am a staff member of a Wisconsin Community Health Center. Do I need to pay for membership?

Welcome to our network of Community Health Centers! No, you do not pay for membership. As a staff member of one of our member organizations, you automatically receive membership status. Please contact wphca@wphca.org to set up your WPHCA account to access resources, peer learning networks, and more on our members-only site. Make sure to keep an out for our New Staff and Board Orientation!

What is a Peer Learning Network (PLN)?

Peer Learning Networks or PLNs are topic-specific groups that meet regularly to discuss current events related to the topic, group problem solve, and learn the new resources and skills. Some peer learning networks include Back Office Billing, Funding Operations Group, Advocacy Leaders, Pharmacy Operations Group, Oral Health PLN, and more! Sign in to see all the PLNs or reach out to wphca@wphca.org to be connected to a specific group.

I would like to be connected to a Peer Learning Network. Who do I contact?

Each PLN is led by a different WPHCA team member. For more information about PLNs, sign in to your WPHCA account and see the Peer Learning Networks page or reach out to wphca@wphca.org for more assistance.

Why do I need a WPHCA log in account?

WPHCA provides training and technical assistance to Wisconsin Community Health Centers and staff in the areas of public policy and advocacy, clinical and quality improvement, and workforce development. There are many resources, groups, and information that are developed specifically for Wisconsin Community Health Centers and are only available to members who are signed in.

We just hired a new staff person. How do we introduce them to WPHCA?

There is no wrong door at WPHCA! Feel free to reach out to any staff member that with whom you are in regular contact or reach out to wphca@wphca.org. We can set up a short meeting to review WPHCA, our services, and answer any lingering questions you may have.

Someone left our Community Health Center. Do we need to contact you?

We love to keep our member directory up to date! Please e-mail wphca@wphca.org with the name and email of the person who left so that we can remove them from our directory.

I have a question that is not listed.

We’re here to help! Please reach out to wphca@wphca.org or any WPHCA staff member, and we will get you to where you need to be. There is no wrong door or silly questions at WPHCA!

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