Partnership Program

Corporate Partnerships allow WPHCA to invest in increased support and training for Community Health Center staff and communities.

Corporate Partnership Program

WPHCA’s Value Proposition to Corporate Partners



2,300 people are signed up for the WPHCA Update Newsletter Our social media relationships on Facebook and Twitter reach over 800 and 700 people, respectively.



Wisconsin CHCs employ over 2,500 FTE personnel: 525 FTE of medical personnel, 500 FTE of dental services personnel, 140 FTE of mental health personnel, 240 FTE of enabling services personnel, and 900 FTE of facility and non-clinical support staff. The economic investment of services provided totals over $308,000,000 million.

WPHCA engages its members in numerous events and multiple platforms, both digitally through the WPHCA website and social media and live at the annual meeting, Fall Learning Session, Team Work Series, and quarterly Fiscal and Operations Group Peer Learning Network.



Corporate partners play an integral role contributing to the high impact of Community Health Centers. This is an opportunity to share your mission and story with our community of members.



WPHCA offers multiple partnership models based on investment level, described on the following pages. The descriptions serve as a start to a partnership dialogue. Please contact Ben Williams for more information. Please note: Corporate Partnership through WPHCA is non-exclusive and is not a preferred vendor relationship or endorsement of any kind. Therefore, it should not be portrayed as such in a member’s promotional material or sales calls to prospective clients. WPHCA retains the right to reject any application for partnership if they deem that the applicant has a conflicting interest with WPHCA or its members.

Benefits of Being a Corporate Partner

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