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Building relationships and championing Community
Health Center priorities

When Community Health Center staff, patients, Board members and partners engage with lawmakers to share their stories, change becomes possible. Elected officials rely on subject matter experts, like patients and clinic staff, to understand complex issues and identify shared solutions. Connect with WPHCA staff to share your story, discuss a public policy issue, or get involved with advocacy efforts.

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Know your Elected Officials

Find your State Senator and State Assembly Representative using this virtual Wisconsin legislative map. Federal lawmakers, known as Members of Congress, are available here. WPHCA is available to help Community Health Center champions engage productively with elected officials, providing training, talking points, environmental analysis, and more.

Lawmaker District Profiles

Lawmaker-specific District Profiles map the elected official’s district and illustrate where Community Health Centers are located in their area, along with statistics regarding constituents served.

Wisconsin State Legislature

Wisconsin State ASSEMBLY


1. Rep. Joel Kitchens 34. Rep. Rob Swearingen 67. Rep. Rob Summerfield
2. Rep. Shae Sortwell 35. Rep. Calvin Callahan 68. Rep. Jesse James
3. Rep. Ron Tusler 36. Rep. Jeffrey Mursau 69. Rep. Donna Rozar
4. Rep. David Steffen 37. Rep. John Jagler 70. Rep. Nancy VanderMeer
5. Rep. Jimmy Steineke 38. Rep. Barbara Dittrich 71. Rep. Katrina Shankland
6. Rep. Gary Tauchen 39. Rep. Mark Born 72. Rep. Scott Krug
7. Rep. Daniel Riemer 40. Rep. Kevin Petersen 73. Rep. Nick Milroy
8. Rep. Sylvia Ortiz-Velez 41. Rep. Alex Dallman 74. Rep. Beth Meyers
9. Rep. Marisabel Cabrera 42. Rep. Jonathon Plumer 75. Rep. David Armstrong
10. Rep. David Bowen 43. Rep. Jonathon Vruwink 76. Rep. Francesca Hong
11. Rep. Dora Drake 44. Rep. Sue Conley 77. Rep. Sheila Stubbs
12. Rep. LaKeshia Myers 45. Rep. Mark Spreitzer 78. Rep. Lisa Subeck
13. Rep. Sara Rodriguez 46. Rep. Gary Hebl 79. Rep. Dianne Hesselbein
14. Rep. Robyn Vining 47. Rep. Jimmy Anderson 80. Rep. Sondy Pope
15. Rep. Joe Sanfelippo 48. Rep. Sambah Baldeh 81. Rep. Dave Considine
16. Rep. Kalan Haywood 49. Rep. Travis Tranel 82. Rep. Ken Skowronski
17. Rep. Supreme Moore Omokunde 50. Rep. Tony Kurtz 83. Rep. Chuck Wichgers
18. Rep. Evan Goyke 51. Rep. Todd Novak 84. Rep. Mike Kuglitsch
19. Rep. Jonathon Brostoff 52. Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt 85. Rep. Patrick Snyder
20. Rep. Christine Sinicki 53. Rep. Michael Schraa 86. Rep. John Spiros
21. Rep. Jessie Rodriguez  54. Rep. Gordon Hintz 87. Rep. James Edming
22. Rep. Janel Brandtjen 55. Rep. Rachael Cabral-Guevara 88. Rep. John Macco
23. Rep. Deb Andraca 56. Rep. David Murphy 89. VACANT
24. Rep. Dan Knodl 57. Rep. Lee Snodgrass 90. Rep. Kristina Shelton
25. Rep. Paul Tittl 58. Rep. Rick Gundrum 91. Rep. Jodi Emerson
26. Rep. Terry Katsma 59. Rep. Timothy Ramthun 92. Rep. Treig Pronschinske
27. Rep. Tyler Vorpagel 60. Rep. Robert Brooks 93. Rep. Warren Petryk
28. Rep. Gae Magnafici 61. Rep. Samantha Kerkman 94. Rep. Steve Doyle
29. Rep. Clint Moses 62. Rep. Robert Wittke 95. Rep. Jill Billings
30. Rep. Shannon Zimmerman 63. Rep. Robin Vos 96. Rep. Loren Oldenburg
31. Rep. Amy Loudenbeck 64. Rep. Tip McGuire 97. Rep. Scott Allen
32. Rep. Tyler August 65. Rep. Tod Ohnstad 98. Rep. Adam Neylon
33. Rep. Cody Horlacher 66. Rep. Greta Neubauer 99. Rep. Cindi Duchow



Wisconsin Congressional Members

Senator Tammy Baldwin

4th District: Gwen Moore


Senator Ron Johnson

5th District: Scott Fitzgerald


1st District: Bryan Steil

6th District: Glenn Grothman


2nd District: Mark Pocan

7th District: Tom Tiffany


3rd District: Ron Kind

8th District: Mike Gallagher




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