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What We Support
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Patients Served

WPHCA is proud to represent Community Health Centers and tout their underlying value to the state, which includes; offering access to all regardless of their ability to pay, encouraging patient involvement and accountability and providing a stable medical home for all life stages.

Dental Access

WPHCA has set a proactive policy agenda that is rooted in the shared vision that creates a future free of health disparities, where all who need oral health services are able to get them in a timely fashion within their means.

State Grant Program

Each state budget cycle, WPHCA advocates for a strong State Community Health Center Grant Program. Grant dollars are vital to those sites that are expanding and enhancing services to reflect their increasing number of uninsured and Medicaid patients.

Uninsured in Wisconsin

WPHCA supports current efforts to move state residents without any insurance into an insurance plan, allowing them to enjoy a medical home. Our Health Centers are well positioned to serve as those medical homes.

Badger Care Plus

WPHCA supports the BadgerCare Plus program which provides coverage to low-income children & families and  reimbursement to safety net providers. Thousands of uninsured people in Wisconsin; many of whom currently receive their care at Community Health Centers, receive their health coverage from this program. 

Health Care Workforce Development

WPHCA supports efforts to education, train and retain the next generation of health care providers in Wisconsin, and initiatives to grow the number of providers in underserved geographic areas.