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Health Center Individualized Assistance

WPHCA provides an extensive array of services through individualized training and technical assistance.  Below is a list of many of the services that WPHCA provides through onsite or remote coaching and training.  In many cases, Health Center members can receive these services by participating in a grant program for no additional cost.  Many services may also be provided through customized, independent scopes of work or WPHCA can provide referrals to external consulting services.

The Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association is continuously striving to address the training and technical assistance (T/TA) needs of Wisconsin Federally Qualified Health Centers.  Please contact WPHCA staff today to discuss a new request for training or technical assistance, or submit a request.

Health Center General Assistance 
  • Assist Health Center with understanding and navigating HRSA requirements
  • Facilitate collaborations and planning with community partners related to CHC expansion
  • Annual and on-site CHC Movement to a Model training on Health Center history & program requirements
  • Assist in gathering community needs assessment data
  • Assist with health professional shortage area designations (HPSAs)
  • Mapping Health Center's service area to support HRSA grant applications
  • Facilitate emergency preparedness exercises and supplemental funding from the Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program (WHEPP)
  • Assist with emergency operation plan (EOP) development
  • Assist with HIPAA Security Risk Assessments and compliance
  • Job posting of available positions
  • Governing Board and Advisory Board development, education, and training
  • Strategic planning with staff and boards
  • Partnership development and support among (or within) local, state, and national entities
Performance Improvement, Efficiencies and Optimization 
  • Assistance with developing an internal quality improvement program or strategy
  • Facilitation of initial and/or ongoing improvement efforts
  • On-site work flow observation, mapping and recommendations for process improvement
  • Assist with identifying improvement goals and work plan development
  • Train on performance improvement tools like PDSA, forms of waste, observation, root cause analysis, and process mapping
  • Project management assistance
  • Introduction to Lean quality improvement methods
  • Train and/or discuss leadership's role in driving change
  • Support teams through training or technical assistance on teamwork, communication, conflict and engagement strategies
  • Assistance with involving teams in strategic planning
  • Volunteer and AmeriCorps program development


Also see the Performance Improvement menu

  • Support planning and implementation of clinical programs and initiatives
  • Technical assistance with using data to improve quality measures, Healthy People 2020 goals, and monitoring key performance indicators
  • Technical assistance with sustaining and spreading the Patient Centered Medical Home model and maintaining recognition
  • Support for referral planning and management
  • Technical assistance with population health management
  • Support for assimilation and integration of behavioral, dental, and medical practices/services
  • Provide recommendations on consulting services: PCMH, provider placement, SBIRT, motivational interviewing and integrated care


Also see the Performance Improvement menu

  • Review and observe revenue cycle processes
  • Support training and facilitation of revenue cycle education activities
  • Research specific revenue cycle issues
  • Support revenue cycle benchmark development
  • Provide recommendations on consulting services or resources on capital expansion and community development of financial institutions

Using Data for Performance Improvement

Also see the Performance Improvement menu

  • Analyze clinic and provider data for benchmarking and improvement opportunities, and aiding data-driven decision making through EHR, UDS, Meaningful Use, Core Metrics and Wisconsin's all payer claims database data (WHIO) data
  • Analyze the cost of the clinic's patients to the whole healthcare system using Wisconsin's all payer claims database
  • Analyze the cost and quality of specialty providers used by Health Centers with Wisconsin's all payer claims database
  • Support workflow alignment to integrate and automate data collection for multiple reporting purposes, including UDS, MU, PCMH and core metrics
  • Work with EHR vendors and assist with implementing best practice workflows, configuration and optimization
  • Training on basic data concepts for staff members
  • Assistance with configuring reporting within EHRs or third-party solutions for metric collection, performance improvement, or strategic planning
  • Create dashboards for measuring and communicating performance improvements
  • Incorporating data and reports into management, leadership, or clinical huddles and meetings
  • Training on data registry and dashboard utilization for population health management and targeted performance improvement initiatives.


Also see the Performance Improvement menu

  • Assistance with administering requests for proposal (RFP) and vendor selection
  • Assistance with incorporating information technology into strategic planning
  • Provide project planning, assistance and onsite support for EHR implementation, EHR upgrades, EHR optimization, and other HIT regulatory requirements
  • Support of workflow mapping and data validation
  • Basic technology assistance, including Excel and Word
  • Assist with developing strategies for integrating disparate data systems and advancing interoperability
  • Patient portal optimization
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) implementation and project assistance
  • Assist with Meaningful Use: training, audit preparation, attestation, HIE solutions, workflow and system updates and changes
  • Facilitate connections with EHR vendors and peers to identify best practice workflows and configuration
  • Health policy analysis and development
  • Education and awareness building among decision makers
  • Grassroots advocacy materials, training and support
  • Customized advocacy plan
 Outreach and Enrollment
  • Communicate policy changes and workflow implications
  • Assist with questions about application and enrollment in insurance
  • Engage enrollment assisters to improve patient outcomes


Kudos from Health Center Staff

"WPHCA helps us build critical connections to state and federal partners.  WPHCA is a neutral party for Medicaid and project officer."

"WPHCA is the safety net of the safety net.  We turn to WPHCA staff to vet ideas and solve problems.  They connect me to other Health Centers, or other resources."

"Thank you for the excellent work...your efforts help bring us closer to achieving the promise of our mission."

"...thank you for meeting with the detail team several times to find a solution...this process is working well so far and we could not have done it without you.  Your attention to detail and professionalism is impressive."

"WPHCA is one of my favorite agencies.  I love all of the staff and appreciate their timely communication, thoroughness and willingness to help at the drop of a hat.  Everyone is so friendly and they feel like an extended version of my professional 'family.'"

"We have had tremendous support during implementation of Azara, PRAPARE, and WISHIN.  Staff are very approachable and willing to have open discussions or provide troubleshooting assistance, even with little notice."

"I find the data and technical support essential in helping me craft strong case statements and proposals for grant funding.  It helps to not have to recreate the wheel every time I am looking for a statistic or key metric."

"Relationships are formed across health centers via the learning session, the conference calls, and the efforts of the WPCHA staff paying attention to what we are doing within our health centers and connecting us with our colleagues within the other health centers, and this is crucial to our success.  They truly foster a 'we are in this together' culture."