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How to Get Involved
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Become a Health Center Advocate Sign Up Here
If you have a passion and a commitment to see Health Centers thrive in Wisconsin, WPHCA needs your help to become part of our active and easy-to-use advocacy network. Hundreds of supporters have joined Salsa to improve and expand Health Centers by telling their state and federal lawmakers how their decisions affect Health Centers.

Advocacy Training
You need just two things to get involved: enthusiasm and education. WPHCA has an annual event called "Advocacy Day." On advocacy day, people from all over Wisconsin meet face to face, learn how to talk to legislators and take a group trip to the capital and get a chance to meet in person with the legislators representing te area in which they live. 
Even if you’ve never been "political,” we’ll help you speak up for the things you care about. You can learn

  1. How the legislative process works and the best time to engage in it;  
  2. Who your legislators are and how friendly are they to Health Centers;  
  3. How your local Health Center fits into the statewide advocacy picture;  
  4. Progress of our legislative priorities at state and federal levels; and  
  5. How to properly personalize and forward a Salsa message.

If you’re confused about the difference between advocacy and lobbying, rest assured that you don’t need a lobby license to:

  • express your own opinion  
  • represent the views of an organization as an unpaid volunteer  
  • represent the views of your own organization to your own legislator  
  • represent the views of an organization you work for to as many legislators as you want, up to 4 days in a 6-month period.

Online Tutorial on Wisconsin’s Lobby Law