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Events of General Interest
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Events of General Interest

WPHCA offers a variety of group level trainings throughout the membership year. Training topics are based on member needs, interest, and changes within the Health Center environment.   

 340B Summit

 March 16, 2018
 Madison, WI

 Target Audience:

  • CEOs, CFOs, Compliance Staff, Pharmacy Managers


The focus of the training is on the strategic role of the 340B program for health centers, the essential  policy and compliance framework, and techniques for maximizing the value of the program to both  the organization and the patients it serves. The value of the training session is optimized when  health center participation includes a team of C-suite and pharmacy leadership.


The training will be presented by Sue Veer, national 340B expert and CEO of Carolina Health  Centers.


 For more information contact Lisa Olson, 608-443-2946


 Movement to a Model: Understanding Wisconsin Health Centers

 May 17, 2018
 Madison, WI 

 Target Audience:

  • Health Center board members and Health Center staff that have been brought on within the last year - or more tenured staff and board members looking for a refresher. 


This annual new staff and board member orientation provides incoming health center staff and  board members the opportunity to learn about the origination of the Health Center movement, the current health care environment, and the opportunity to network with other CHC staff and board members from around the state. Health Center staff will also learn about the programs and services that WPHCA provides and how they can leverage the Association as a resource to further their work. Board members will learn about board roles and responsibilities.


 For more information contact Kysa Stocking, 608-443-2956


 Fall Learning Session

 September 12-13, 2018
 Sheboygan, WI 

 Target Audience:

  • Clinical, administrative, and quality improvement champions in medical, dental, and behavioral health fields.


The Fall Learning Session aims to encourage collaborative sharing and networking among  Community Health Center staff involved in direct patient care, workforce development, quality  improvement, health information quality/technology, and leadership while providing resources and  materials that will drive the improvement of patient outcomes.  


 For more information contact: Lindsey Hess, 608-277-7477


 UDS Training

 November 1, 2018
 Madison, WI

 Target Audience:

The UDS training is aimed at those who are responsible for gathering and reporting the data  elements included in the UDS Report, as well as management and clinical staff who need to  understand the definitions and concepts used and those who use the data in their program  management and improvement activities.



The Uniform Data System (UDS) in-person training is a full day program covering the preparation of  the 2018 UDS Report.  The training addresses each of the report’s tables, including a discussion of  the changes that have been made and the definitions necessary to complete the Report.


 For more information contact Molly Murray, 608-443-2960


 Advocacy Day

 February 26-27, 2019
 Madison, WI

 Target Audience:

  • Health Center Advocates, including: Staff, Patients, Board of Directors 


The purpose of Advocacy Day is to assemble interested advocates to provide them with updates on  the policy environment affecting Health Centers, their role in shaping the future of local, state and  federal health care policy, share best practices on effective communication with decision makers,  and provide opportunities to practice their skills prior to meetings at the State Capitol with legislators  and staff. 


 Health Center Advocates will be able to:

  • Articulate key messages to Legislators and staff
  • Provide updates to Legislators and staff on unique programs offered at their Health center
  • Build and strengthen relationships with Legislators and staff


 For more information contact Lisa Olson, 608-443-2946